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Microbiology: Fasting for a healthier gut microbiota


食物摂取を減らすことによるカロリー制限は、さまざまなモデル生物の寿命を延ばすことが知られている。また、腸内微生物叢が宿主の健康と病気に対して果たす役割に関する認識が高まっており、腸内微生物叢の組成は、主に食餌によって決まる。今回、Liping Zhaoたちは、マウスにカロリー制限食を終生与える実験を行い、その腸内微生物叢の構造の経時的変化を報告している。Zhaoたちは、乳酸菌属などの特定の細菌が、寿命と正に相関しており、カロリー制限によって存在量が増加することを報告している。また、カロリー制限食を与えた場合に、寿命と負に相関する細菌の存在量が減少した。こうした変化は、炎症と関連していることの多いマーカーであるリポ多糖結合タンパク質の血清レベルの低下と関連しており、このことは、腸内細菌由来の抗原によって起こる炎症の軽減が、カロリー制限による健康効果の1つかもしれないことを示唆している。


Caloric restriction promotes the growth of gut bacteria associated with an increased lifespan in mice, a paper published in Nature Communications reports. This finding suggests that caloric restriction might mediate its health-promoting effects on the host by inducing a healthy gut microbiota.

Caloric restriction through reduced food intake is known to increase lifespan in a range of model organisms. The gut microbiota is increasingly recognized for its role in host health and disease, and its composition is shaped mainly by the diet. Liping Zhao put mice on a life-long calorie-restricted diet and documented structural changes in their gut microbiota over time. The team reports that specific bacteria, such as the genus Lactobacillus, correlate positively with lifespan and are enriched by caloric restriction. Similarly, the calorie-restricted diet reduced the abundance of bacteria that correlate negatively with lifespan. These changes are associated with reduced serum levels of lipopolysaccharide-binding protein - a marker often associated with inflammation - which suggests that reduced inflammation caused by antigens from gut bacteria might be one of the health benefits transmitted by caloric restriction.

Further studies are needed to clarify how these structural changes in the gut microbiota may extend lifespan, and to validate whether they could serve as biomarkers for the development of dietary anti-ageing interventions.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms3163

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