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Biotechnology: Mopping up unwanted stem cells



今回、Nissim Benvenistyたちは、密着結合タンパク質Claudin-6がヒト多能性幹細胞の表面だけに存在することを見いだした。そして、抗体か細菌毒素を利用する3つの異なる方法で、Claudin-6を発現する細胞を認識し、死滅させられることを明らかにした。これらの処置が実施されると、幹細胞由来の混合細胞集団からClaudin-6を発現する細胞が効率的に除去された。そして、これらの処置を実施した細胞をマウスに注入した実験では、腫瘍の形成を予防する効果が認められた。

A ‘clean-up’ procedure that may increase the safety of stem-cell-derived therapies is reported in Nature Communications this week. The technique exploits a cell-surface protein expressed exclusively on stem cells to eliminate undifferentiated cells from populations of mixed cells.

Stem cells can develop into all types of cells and hold great promise for regenerative therapies. However, cell populations created by conversion of stem cells often also contain small amounts of undifferentiated stem cells, which can cause the development of tumours.

Nissim Benvenisty and colleagues show that the tight-junction protein Claudin-6 is exclusively found on the surface of human pluripotent stem cells. They go on to show three different strategies - based on antibodies or a bacterial toxin - to recognise and kill Claudin-6-expressing cells. Application of these procedures efficiently removes Claudin-6-expressing cells from stem-cell-derived mixed cell populations and prevents tumour formation when such treated cells were subsequently injected into mice.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2992

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