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Neuroscience: Seeing the light with visual prostheses


近年、視覚障害者の視力回復が期待される光起電力技術を利用した視覚補綴の研究が勢いを増している。この視覚補綴は、網膜組織の刺激に有益なことが明らかになっているが、視力の回復に役立つのかどうかという評価は行われていなかった。今回、Yossi Mandelたちは、網膜が変性したラットに視覚補綴を移植して、視力回復の指標として脳内の視覚皮質からの神経応答を記録した。そして、この視覚補綴がどれほど有効に網膜組織を刺激するのかを調べた過去の研究で用いた刺激と同じ光刺激を加えたところ、視覚皮質の応答が起こることがわかった。Mandelたちは、この視覚補綴が視力の完全回復にどれほど有効なのかを見極めるためには、さらなる研究が必要なことを認める一方で、そうした研究の結果、人工網膜に光起電力技術を用いることの実現可能性について、心強い安心感が得られることを期待している。


Rats with prosthetic retinal implants display visual responses to light, a study in this week’s Nature Communications reports. The rats elicit responses in the part of the brain responsible for visual processing, when the prostheses are stimulated by light.

In recent years, research into photovoltaic visual prostheses with the potential to restore vision for blind individuals has gathered pace, and while they have been shown to be useful in stimulating retinal tissue, their usefulness in restoring sight has not been assessed. Yossi Mandel and colleagues implant visual prostheses into rats with degenerate retinas and then record neuronal responses from the visual cortex in the brain as a measure of sight restoration. They find that visual cortex responses can be evoked in response to light stimulation that is similar to the stimuli used for earlier studies that examined the effectiveness of these devices to stimulate retinal tissue. The authors acknowledge that more studies would be needed to determine just how successful these devices are in restoring full vision, but they hope that these studies will provide encouraging reassurance in the feasibility of photovoltaic approaches for retinal prostheses.

Retinitis Pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration are two of the leading causes of blindness in the Western world. While some treatments can delay the progression of these diseases in some individuals, there are currently no known cures available.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2980

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