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Nanotechnology: Sustainable water purification


銀ナノ粒子は、浄水処理に用いる抗菌剤として有望視されているが、浄水処理後の銀ナノ粒子の回収に問題があるため、その普及が進んでいなかった。今回、Shan Wangたちが作製した銀ナノ粒子構造体には、磁気層も含まれている。この磁気層の作製では、銀ナノ粒子自体に磁性をもたせないので、粒子どうしがくっついてひとまとまりになることはない。その一方で、永久磁石を使って、構造体を磁化することができ、そのため、お互いにくっついて、水から取り除くことができるのだ。


A method that enables the recovery of silver nanoparticles after their use in water purification systems is reported this week in Nature Communications. By making the nanoparticles magnetic, they can be collected within minutes using a magnet.

Silver nanoparticles are promising antimicrobial agents for water treatment, although problems to recover the particles from the water after treatment has hampered their broader uptake. Shan Wang and colleagues have now fabricated silver nanoparticle structures that also contain magnetic layers. The layers are generated in a way that means the particles are not magnetic themselves so that they don’t clump together. However, a permanent magnet can be used to magnetize the particles so that they attach to each other and can be removed from the water.

In first tests the system has shown promising antibacterial properties, and good removal rates after use, where 99% of the nanoparticles were collected within five minutes.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2892

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