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Energy storage: Stretching the power


機械的汎用性のある携帯用電子機器を開発するうえで大きな障壁の1つとなっているのが、折り曲げと引き伸ばしに耐え、これまで通りのエネルギー貯蔵性能を確保する電源の設計だ。今回、J Rogersの研究グループは、一連の設計基準によって、この難しい問題を克服した。この設計基準では、軟質のシリコーンゴム層の間に電気的相互接続を挟んで、折り曲げと引き伸ばしが容易にできるデバイスを作製した。この設計には、非接触充電というもう1つの利点があり、このデバイスにプラグを接続する必要がなくなった。


A strategy for the creation of unusually stretchable batteries is presented in Nature Communications this week. By combining suitable materials with deformable electrical interconnects, reversible stretching of 300% is demonstrated, which may prove critical in bringing flexible electronic products to market.

One of the great barriers to achieving mechanically versatile portable electronic devices is the design of a power source that can withstand both bending and stretching, whilst retaining its energy storage performance. John Rogers and his group have overcome this difficult issue through a set of design criteria. These involve sandwiching electrical interconnects between layers of soft silicon rubber, creating a device that can be both readily stretched and bent. Such a design has the added advantage of contactless charging, removing the need for connecting a plug into the device.

The enhanced functionality displayed by these batteries has the potential to enable the design of a range of unique devices, including robotic skins and wearable health monitors.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2553

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