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Medical research: Turning the tide against bipolar disorder


双極性障害は、気分障害の一種で、患者の日課や社会的交流を混乱させることがある。この疾患の症状緩和に最も一般的に用いられる薬がリチウムだが、治療用量のわずか2倍で毒性作用を生じる。また、リチウムを用いた治療では、体重増加、喉の渇き、震え、腎臓障害といった副作用のリスクが高い。今回、S Vasudevanたちは、米国立衛生研究所の臨床コレクションライブラリーにおさめられた、過去に臨床試験に用いられたことのある化合物についてスクリーニングを行い、ヒトに安全に使用できるエブセレンが、双極性障害に関与する重要な酵素と考えられる物質の活性を阻害し、その作用がリチウムよりも強いことを明らかにした。さらに、Vasudevanたちは、双極性障害のマウスモデルを用いた研究で、エブセレンが、双極性障害に関連する症状を軽減することも明らかにした。


The chemical compound ebselen induces lithium-like therapeutic effects but with fewer adverse side effects, in a mouse model of bipolar disorder. The findings, reported in Nature Communications this week, provide validation for some of the mechanisms that are proposed to be involved in bipolar disorder, as well as indicating a potentially safer alternative for the treatment of this condition.

Bipolar disorder is a mood disorder that can disrupt an individual’s daily routine and social interactions. The drug most commonly used to ease the symptoms of the disorder is lithium, however, it is toxic at only twice the therapeutic dosage. Treatment with lithium can also be accompanied by an increase in the risk of side effects such as weight gain, thirst, tremor and kidney damage. Sridhar Vasudevan and colleagues perform a screen of compounds in the National Institutes of Health Clinical Collection library that have a history of use in clinical trials, and find that ebselen, which is safe for human use, inhibits the activity of a key enzyme implicated bipolar disorder with greater potency than lithium. In addition, they also find that ebselen attenuates the symptoms associated with bipolar disorder in a mouse model of the disorder.

Although these studies were carried out in mice, the authors suggest that these findings may facilitate the repurposing of a drug that has already been used in clinical trials. Further studies will be needed to determine if this is possible in humans.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2320

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