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Neuroscience: Firing off vowels

ヒトの脳内における母音構音の高度に構造化された符号化について報告する論文が、今週、Nature Communicationsに掲載される。この構造が発見されたことで、高忠実度での音声分節の復号が可能となり、麻痺によって失われた音声特徴の回復に重要な影響を及ぼすかもしれない。


今回、S Shohamたちは、ヒト小脳における母音構音の神経符号化を単一ユニットとニューロン集団レベルで調べた。そして、てんかんモニタリングのために脳内に電極を埋め込まれた11人の患者の脳内の側頭葉と前頭葉との716ユニットの活動を記録し、解析した。その結果、発話と一般的に関連づけられている上側頭回(STG)とブロードマン脳地図の11野と12野にわたる領域(rAC/MOF)において、発話に関連し、母音に応答するニューロンの割合が最も高いことが判明した。ただし、Shohamたちは、この2つの領域におけるニューロンのチューニングが大きく異なっている点も指摘している。すべての母音に応答するように幅広くチューニングされたニューロンは、STGにおいてのみ見つかり、1~2種の母音だけに活性化するように鋭くチューニングされたニューロンは主にrAC/MOFで見つかったのだ。


Highly structured encoding of vowel articulation in the human brain is reported in Nature Communications this week. The discovery of this structure allows for the high fidelity decoding of speech segments that may have implications for restoring features of speech that are lost as a result of paralysis.

Areas of the brain that are involved in speech production have long been identified, however the basic encoding of speech features in the firing patterns of neuronal populations remains unknown.

Shy Shoham and colleagues study the neural encoding of vowel articulation in the human cerebellum at a single unit and neuronal population level. They recorded and analysed the activity of 716 temporal and front lobe units in the brains of 11 patients who already had electrodes implanted in their brains for epilepsy monitoring. They found that two areas, the superior temporal gyrus (STG) and a region overlying Brodmann areas 11 and 12 (rAC/MOF) - which are commonly associated with speech - had the highest proportion of speech related and vowel-tuned neurons. They noted, however, that the neural tuning in these two areas was very different. Broadly tuned neurons that responded to all vowels were found only in the STG and sharply tuned neurons that activated exclusively for only one or two vowels were mainly found in rAC/MOF.

Whether these structured multi-level encoding schemes also exist in other speech areas like Broca’s and the speech motor cortex, and how they contribute to the coordinated production of speech is still to be investigated.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms1995

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