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Physiology: Why breast milk is best

母乳の品質を保つことによって授乳期の新生仔を炎症から守る免疫細胞上の受容体の存在が明らかになった。リポタンパク質受容体VLDLRに抗炎症作用があり、免疫細胞から母乳への保護酵素の分泌を調節していることがわかったのだ。この研究結果を報告する論文が、Nature Communicationsに掲載される。


今回、Y Wanの研究チームは、VLDLRをもたない母マウスから授乳されている仔マウスで全身性の炎症を観察した。こうした症状は、母乳にPAFAHが含まれていないために仔マウスの血液中のPAF濃度が高くなったことを原因としていた。Wanたちは、母乳のPAFAH濃度がマクロファージという免疫細胞上のVLDLRによって調節されており、VLDLRが活性化すると、マクロファージがPAFAHを産生し、分泌することを指摘した。


A receptor on immune cells that protects nursing newborns from inflammation by ensuring the quality of the milk has been identified in a study published in Nature Communications. The work reveals a novel anti-inflammatory role for the lipoprotein receptor VLDLR and finds that it controls secretion of a protective enzyme from immune cells into mother’s milk.

Mother’s milk contains a range of nutrients and protective molecules, including the enzyme platelet-activating factor acetylhydrolase (PAFAH). PAFAH degrades an inflammatory lipid molecule called platelet-activating factor (PAF) in the blood of neonates while their immune system is not fully developed. VLDLR has so far mostly been studied in the context of lipid metabolism and brain development.

Yihong Wan and his team observed that mouse pups nursed by mothers that do not have VLDLR developed body-wide inflammation. The symptoms were caused by high levels of PAF in the pup’s blood due to a lack of PAFAH in the milk supplied by their mothers. The authors noted that the level of PAFAH in mother’s milk was controlled by VLDLR on immune cells called macrophages, which produce and secrete the enzyme after activation of the receptor.

The finding could shed new light on the causation of some inflammatory neonatal disorders and possibly on inflammatory diseases in adulthood known to be associated with PAF, such as Crohn’s disease, atherosclerosis or asthma.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms2011

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