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Brain Injury: Bypassing barriers

外傷性脳損傷が発生した場合に、血液脳関門でclaudin-5タンパク質の発現を阻害すると、脳浮腫が軽減され、脳機能が改善されることを報告する論文が、今週、Nature Communicationsに掲載される。この新知見には、血液脳関門を可逆的に改変して、脳内での液体の蓄積量を減らすという新しい方法が示されている。こうした液体が蓄積すると、長期的な脳障害が発生することが多い。


今回、M Campbellたちは、claudin-5を用いて脳浮腫に伴う症状を緩和できることを明らかにした。この研究では、脳損傷のマウスモデルに低分子干渉RNAを投与して、claudin-5の発現を抑制する実験が行われた。すると、脳の組織液から循環血液へ移動する水分が増加し、その状態が投与後最大72時間継続した。その結果、脳浮腫は軽減し、認知機能が改善した。


Preventing the expression of the protein claudin-5 in the blood brain barrier after traumatic brain injury alleviates the swelling and improves brain function reports a paper in Nature Communications this week. These findings identify a novel way of reversibly modifying the blood brain barrier to reduce the amount of fluid build-up in the brain which often leads to long term damage.

The blood brain barrier is pivotal in keeping the brain separated from circulating blood. After brain injury, there is a dramatic reduction in water diffusion across the blood brain to the circulating blood from the brain, which contributes to swelling and potential brain damage. The protein claudin-5 is known to contribute to the permeability of the blood brain barrier.

Matthew Campbell and colleagues now show that use of the protein in alleviate the symptoms associated with swelling. They team administered interfering RNA in a mouse model of brain injury to suppress the expression of claudin-5. They find that there is enhanced exchange of water from the brain to the circulating blood that lasts up to 72 hours post treatment, which reduces the swelling in the brain as well as improves cognitive function.

The authors suggest that these findings could have major implications in a range of neurological conditions where fluid build-up in the brain is the central cause of morbidity and mortality.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms1852

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