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Climate change: Declining Arctic sea ice may increase wildfires in the western US

北極における海氷の減少が米国西部における山火事活動の増加に寄与していることを示唆するモデル化研究について報告する論文が、Nature Communications に掲載される。この知見は、人為起源の気候変動が北極の極端な気象現象に及ぼす影響を示している。


今回、Yufei Zou、Hailong Wangたちは、過去40年間の山火事の発生件数、海氷密接度と気象条件に関するデータを統合し、これらの要因の関係を調べるためにモデルによるシミュレーションを行った。Zouたちは、7~10月の北極の海氷密接度の低下と、それに続く9~12月の米国西部での大規模な山火事の発生確率の上昇との関連性を明らかにした。このモデルによるシミュレーションでは、北極の海氷の減少が、より高温で乾燥した気象条件を引き起こす大気循環の変化に結び付いており、これが山火事の発生可能性を高めていることが示された。


Declining sea ice in the Arctic may contribute to increased wildfire activity in the western United States, suggests a modelling study published in Nature Communications. The finding demonstrates the influence that human-induced climate change can have on extreme weather events in the region.

Wildfires in the western US have become more frequent and severe in recent years. Although there is some evidence that Arctic sea ice declines can influence extreme weather conditions in temperate and subtropical regions, the impact on wildfires has been unclear.

Yufei Zou, Hailong Wang and colleagues combined data on wildfire incidence, sea ice concentrations and weather conditions over the past 40 years and conducted model simulations to investigate the relationship between these factors. The authors identified an association between declining Arctic sea ice concentrations from July to October and the increasing probability of large wildfires in the western US during the following September to December. The model simulations indicate that declines in Arctic sea ice are linked to air circulation changes that cause hotter and dryer weather conditions, which increase the likelihood of wildfires.

The authors conclude that the influence of Arctic sea ice concentrations on wildfires is of similar magnitude to that of the tropical El Niño Southern Oscillation, which can also modulate regional wildfire conditions. As Arctic sea ice is projected to continuously decline, this could further increase the susceptibility of the western US to wildfires in the future, they suggest.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-26232-9

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