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Chemistry: Chocolate production made easier with a molecule

チョコレートの製造過程でリン脂質分子を添加するという方法を用いれば、複雑なテンパリング(加熱・せん断)工程を行わなくても高品質のチョコレートを作れることを示唆する論文が、今週、Nature Communications に掲載される。この方法で、チョコレートの製造を簡素化できるかもしれない。


今回、Alejandro Marangoniたちは、テンパリング工程の改変の余地を検討した。その結果、ココアバターに少量のリン脂質分子を加えると、結晶化が加速され、V型結晶が形成されることが明らかになった。そして、結晶化過程にある市販のチョコレートのサンプルとリン脂質分子を混合すると、テンパリングを行わずに、最適な硬度、光沢、微細構造を有する最終製品が得られた。


Adding a phospholipid molecule during chocolate production could produce high-quality chocolate without the need for complex tempering processes, suggests a paper in Nature Communications this week. This method could simplify chocolate production.

The characteristics of high-quality chocolate, which include its texture, gloss, snap and melting behaviour, depend on the crystal structures within the cocoa butter. These structures can crystallize into many different forms, with only Form V providing chocolate with its most desirable properties. To obtain as many Form V crystals as possible, chocolate manufacturers rely on a heating and shearing process called tempering, however this process is intensive and often inconsistent, which leads to poor quality chocolate.

Alejandro Marangoni and colleagues explored how the tempering process could be altered. The authors found that adding a small amount of a phospholipid molecule to cocoa butter speeds up and directs its crystallization towards Form V. When they mixed the molecule into a sample of crystallizing commercial chocolate it produced a final product with optimal hardness, gloss, and microstructure — without the need for tempering.

The authors suggest that using this method in the chocolate manufacturing process could be a way to control chocolate to ensure it has the right properties and may eventually reduce the reliance on complex tempering processes.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-021-25206-1

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