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Biomedical engineering: Tiny device goes with the (blood) flow

毛細血管に到達させることのできる、直径が100マイクロメートル以下のデバイスについて報告する論文がNature Communications に掲載される。このデバイスの設計により、循環系の中でこれまで到達させることが難しかった血管に入り込める可能性が高まり、脳幹などの構造に対する新たな治療選択肢となって、特定の神経疾患の治療に役立つ可能性がある。


今回、Mahmut Selman Sakarたちの研究チームは、血液の循環によって駆動され、血管網を通って輸送されるマイクロメートルスケールの柔軟なプローブヘッドを設計した。このプローブヘッドは、極めて柔軟なガイドワイヤーに取り付けられており、複雑に入り組んだ血管を通過できる。プローブヘッドは磁性体で、外部の磁石によって進行方向を制御する。Sakarたちは、一連の実験室での実験と、ウサギの耳の血管内での試験で、このシステムの実現可能性を実証した。


A device that can access blood capillaries with diameters less than 100 microns in size, is reported in Nature Communications. The design of the device increases the possibility of entering previously difficult-to-reach blood vessels in the circulatory system, and may present new therapeutic options in structures such as the brain stem that could aid the treatment of certain neurological disorders.

Conventional catheters have provided access to a vast range of tissues for the purposes of diagnostics as well as medical treatments. However, certain regions inside the body, such as in the vascular system of the brain, remain inaccessible.

Mahmut Selman Sakar and colleagues designed flexible micron-scale probe heads that can be transported through the vascular network, driven by the circulation of the blood. The probe heads are attached to an ultra-flexible guiding wire, which allows them to pass through convoluted blood vessels. The probe heads are magnetic and changes in directions are controlled by means of external magnets. The authors demonstrated the feasibility of their system in a series of laboratory experiments and in tests inside the vasculature of a rabbit ear.

The ability to reach blood vessels that are currently too small to be catheterized may open new therapeutic options to treat deep-seated or very peripheral tumours inside the brain, the authors conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-20195-z

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