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Materials: Making strong bio-based replacements for plastics

プラスチックの代替材料として使えるかもしれない強度の高いバイオ素材の作製方法について報告する論文が、今週、Nature Communications に掲載される。


今回、Shu-Hong Yuたちの研究チームは論文の中で、圧力を使ってバイオポリマー中に微粒子を配置する手法について記述している。このバイオポリマーは、圧力が加わると厚みが減り、粒子が整列する。垂直に整列した鉱物粒子の間隙にセルロース系ポリマーを充填すると、レンガ壁に匹敵する微細構造が形成される。このレンガ–モルタル構造が、材料に優れた機械特性を付与し、多くの高性能プラスチックを上回る性能を実現する。またこの材料の機械特性は、一般的なプラスチックがもろくなったり軟化したりする温度でも安定している。Yuたちは、携帯電話ケースを作製することにより、このプロセスがスケールアップ可能で、この材料を容易に加工できることを実証した。


A fabrication method to produce a strong bio-based material, which could be used as a replacement for plastics, is presented in an article published in Nature Communications this week.

Petroleum-based plastics pose challenges for the environment and our health, but replacing them with sustainable bio-based plastics, which have mechanical properties similar to their petroleum-based counterparts, has been difficult. Incorporating small filler particles with uniform orientation into polymers can improve their mechanical properties, but methods to control the orientation of particles in a polymer are not well developed.

Shu-Hong Yu and colleagues describe a process that uses pressure to arrange small particles in a bio-based polymer. Under pressure the thickness of the material is reduced and the particles align. The cellulose-based polymer fills the gap between vertically aligned mineral particles, which form a microstructure comparable to a brick wall. This brick-and-mortar structure gives the material excellent mechanical properties, outperforming many high-performance plastics. The mechanical properties also remain stable at temperatures when common plastics either become brittle or soften. By fabricating a cell phone case, the authors demonstrate that the process can be scaled up and that the material can be easily processed.

This method provides a pathway towards scalable production of high performance all-natural materials, the authors conclude. Developing such processes could be important to facilitate the uptake of bio-based materials in industry and industrial applications.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-19174-1

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