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Environment: Airborne radiation levels elevated near US fracking sites

米国において、非在来型石油・天然ガス開発(通称「フラッキング」)は、油井の風下側の観測点での空気中の放射性粒子の濃度の高さと関連していることを報告する論文が、Nature Communications に掲載される。


今回、Petros Koutrakisたちの研究チームは、2001~2017年に米国全土の157か所の放射線モニタリングステーションで収集された空気中の浮遊粒子の放射能濃度のデータを分析し、これをUOGDの油井15万2904か所の位置および生産記録と比較した。その結果、UOGDの油井の風下側の地域ではベータ線濃度が高く、これは油井から離れるにつれて低下し、20キロメートル圏内にUOGDの油井が100か所増えると、風下側のベータ線濃度が0.024ミリベクレル/立法メートル高くなることが判明した。空気中の粒子放射線への曝露は、健康への悪影響に関連することが知られている。しかし、今回の研究で検出された放射能濃度は比較的低く、UOGDを起源とする浮遊粒子に含まれる放射性物質による健康影響の可能性を評価するためには、さらなる研究が必要となる。

Unconventional oil and natural gas development, commonly known as fracking, is associated with increased levels of radioactive particles in the air in locations downwind of wells in the United States, a study published in Nature Communications finds.

Unconventional oil and natural gas development (UOGD) has seen a rapid expansion in the US in recent years. These techniques have been associated with a number of environmental impacts and may also affect the health of local residents. Naturally occurring radioactive material is a common by-product in oil and gas production. However, the impact of UOGD on the radioactivity or airborne particles is not well understood.

Petros Koutrakis and colleagues analysed the radioactivity of airborne particles collected at 157 radiation-monitoring stations across the US from 2001 to 2017, and compared this to the position and production records of 152,904 UOGD wells. They found elevated levels of beta radiation in areas located downwind of UOGD wells, with levels decreasing with distance (an additional 100 UOGD wells within 20 km was associated with a 0.024 mBq/m3 increase in beta radiation downwind). Exposure to ambient particle radioactivity has been associated with adverse health effects. However, the levels detected in this study are comparatively low. Further studies are needed to assess the potential health impacts from airborne particle radioactivity from UOGD.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-18226-w

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