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Nature Communications

Assessing reliability of climate model predictions

気候モデルによる予測の信頼性に関する解析が行われ、アマゾン盆地で乾燥化が起こる確率が、現在の予想より高いことが示された。水資源管理に関する意思決定は、通常、数多くの気候モデルによって形成されたコンセンサスに基づいてなされるが、このプロセスには不確実性がある。したがって、今回の新知見は、今後、精度の高い評価方法を開発し、より多くの情報に基づいて政策や適応策を決めるうえで役立つ。この研究成果を報告する論文が、今週、Nature Communicationsに掲載される。


An analysis of the reliability of climate model predictions suggests a higher probability of drying occurring in the Amazon basin than is currently forecast, reports a study in Nature Communications. Water resource management decisions are usually based on the consensus formed by many climate models, a process which has uncertainties. These new findings could therefore aid in the development of more accurate assessments in the future for better informed policies and adaptations.

Hideo Shiogama and colleagues apply a statistical model and identify global-scale metrics to estimate uncertainties in the water resource predictions for South America. Their results suggest that, unlike the increased wetting predicted by ensemble models, there is a higher probability of drying occurring in the Amazon basin.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms1252

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