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Neuroscience: Blood replacement reduces stroke symptoms in mice

脳卒中のマウスモデルの血液を健康なドナーマウスから採取した全血に置換すると、脳卒中の症状が軽減されることを報告する論文が、今週、Nature Communications に掲載される。この発見は、脳卒中の治療法の開発につながる可能性がある。

脳卒中は、血液脳関門の崩壊や全身反応を引き起こすことがある。今回、Xuefang Renたちの研究チームは、計333匹の雄マウスを用いた一連の実験において、血液置換療法が脳卒中の全身反応を軽減することを示し、この結果が、血液置換による、マトリックスメタロプロテアーゼ-9(MMP-9)タンパク質濃度の低下によってもたらされた可能性のあることを明らかにした。



In a mouse model for stroke, substituting the blood with whole blood obtained from a healthy donor mouse reduces stroke symptoms, reveals a paper published in Nature Communications this week. The discovery could potentially lead to the development of a treatment for stroke.

Stroke can cause a breakdown of the blood–brain barrier and can also cause a systemic reaction outside the brain. Xuefang Ren and colleagues show in a series of experiments involving a total of 333 male mice that blood replacement therapy reduces this systemic reaction. They demonstrate that this outcome may be caused by reducing levels of a protein called matrix metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) through blood replacement.

The levels of MMP-9 in the blood are known to be increased in mice (and humans) in the first few hours after a stroke occurs. By performing blood replacement therapy in mice approximately 6½ to 7 hours following a stroke, the authors found that volume of the infarct (the area of dead tissue in the brain resulting from a lack of blood supply) was reduced and they observed improved neurological deficits. They also found less MMP-9 and fewer proteins and immune cells related to inflammation in the mice’s blood following blood replacement. When the authors artificially added MMP-9 to the blood from healthy donor mice before the transfusion to mice with stroke, the blood replacement did not improve stroke symptoms.

Together, these findings suggest that blood replacement reduces the level of inflammation by reducing MMP-9 levels in the blood and brain of mice after a stroke.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-17930-x

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