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Cancer: A 'fasting mimicking' diet may aid chemotherapy

絶食を模倣した食餌は、乳がん患者に対する最初の数回の化学療法の効果を増進する可能性のあることが、無作為化第II相比較臨床試験で示された。この結果について報告する論文が、Nature Communications に掲載される。絶食模倣食は、低カロリー・低タンパク質な食餌で、水分のみを摂取する絶食によって生じる代謝反応に類似した反応を誘発するために開発された。


今回、Judith Kroepたちが実施した臨床試験では、HER2陰性のステージII/IIIの乳がん患者129人が、ネオアジュバント化学療法(腫瘍を退縮させるための第1段階として手術前に行う治療)の3日前から実施期間中にわたって絶食模倣食か通常食のいずれかを取った。絶食模倣食は、野菜を使った低アミノ酸置換食で、スープ、ブロス、液体、茶からなる。絶食模倣食摂取群と対照群で、化学療法の毒性に差はなかったが、腫瘍応答に対するネオアジュバント化学療法の効果は、絶食模倣食摂取群の患者で増強されていた。現在、(無病)生存率に関する追跡調査が行われている。


A 'fasting mimicking' diet may enhance the effects of initial rounds of chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer, according to a randomized, controlled phase 2 clinical trial published in Nature Communications. Fasting mimicking diets are low-calorie, low-protein diets developed to elicit similar metabolic responses to those caused by water-only fasting.

Preclinical evidence suggests that short-term fasting and fasting mimicking diets can protect healthy cells against chemotherapy, while simultaneously rendering cancer cells more vulnerable to the treatment. However, clinical research evaluating the potential of short-term fasting in patients with cancer is in its infancy.

In a trial conducted by Judith Kroep and colleagues, 129 patients with HER2-negative stage II/III breast cancer followed either a fasting mimicking diet or their regular diet for 3 days prior to and during neoadjuvant chemotherapy (treatment given as a first step to shrink a tumour before surgery). The fasting mimicking diet was a plant-based, low amino-acid substitution diet, consisting of soups, broths, liquids and tea. Although no difference in toxicity was observed between the treatment and control groups, the effects of neoadjuvant chemotherapy on tumour response were reinforced in patients in the fasting mimicking diet group. Follow up on (relapse free) survival is ongoing.

The results of this study suggest that cycles of a fasting mimicking diet are safe and effective as a supplement to chemotherapy in women with early breast cancer. These findings, together with preclinical data, encourage further exploration of the benefits of fasting combined with cancer therapy.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-16138-3

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