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Reducing interference on a larger scale

大きな有機分子で量子の波動性と量子干渉が証明された。この知見は、これまで達成されていたスケールより大きなスケールで量子干渉を低減させることに向けた一歩前進かもしれない。研究の詳細は、今週、Nature Communicationsに掲載される。


M Arndtらは、最大430個の原子からなる分子において量子波動性を観測し、内部自由度が1000を超える複雑系において高い量子コヒーレンスを実現できることを実証した。これらの知見は、小型タンパク質と同等の複雑性クラスのナノ粒子を用いた量子実験に新たな境地を開くものといえる。

Proof of quantum wave nature and interference in large organic molecules is reported in this week’s Nature Communications. The findings may be a step towards reducing interference on a bigger scale than previously achieved.

Quantum interference, whereby individual particles in wave form can interfere with the direction in which they are travelling, is one of the most challenging concepts in quantum theory. Improving the understanding of such principles is of value in the field of quantum information science, which has applications in quantum computing.

Markus Arndt and colleagues observed quantum wave characteristics in molecules composed of up to 430 atoms. They demonstrate that, in complex systems with more than 1,000 internal degrees of freedom, high quantum coherence can be accomplished. These findings open a new window for quantum experiments with nanoparticles in a complexity class comparable to that of small proteins.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms1263

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