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Environment: Volcanic CO2 emissions contributed to end-Triassic global warming

三畳紀末期に火山噴火によって大気中に排出されたCO2の量は、21世紀中の人為起源CO2の予想総排出量に匹敵する可能性の高いことが明らかになった。この新知見は、今週、Nature Communications で発表される。このような大量の火山性CO2は、三畳紀末期の地球温暖化、海面上昇、海洋酸性化に寄与した可能性が高い。


三畳紀末期の中央大西洋マグマ分布域の玄武岩質岩石には、マグマ中に溶解していたガス成分がマグマから離溶して形成された微小な気泡が保存されており、今回、Manfredo Caprioloたちの研究チームは、この微小な気泡を分析し、この玄武岩質岩石に大量のCO2が含まれていることを示す証拠を発見した。Caprioloたちは、分析結果を用いて、こうした火山噴火の際に排出された火山性CO2の総量を推定した。その結果、1つの噴火相(500年間に10万立方キロメートルの溶岩が噴出する)に排出されたCO2の総量が、21世紀中に摂氏2度の温暖化シナリオで人間活動によって排出されるCO2の予想総量に匹敵する可能性の高いことが明らかになった。


The amount of CO2 released into the end-Triassic atmosphere from volcanic eruptions was likely to be comparable to the projected total amount of anthropogenic CO2 that will be emitted during the 21st century. The findings are published in Nature Communications. Such large volumes of volcanic CO2 likely contributed to end-Triassic global warming, sea level rise, and ocean acidification.

The end-Triassic extinction (approximately 201 million years ago) resulted in the demise of large proportions of all marine and terrestrial species. It is thought that this extinction was caused by dramatic climate change and rising sea levels which, are known to have occurred at that time. Volcanic CO2 released during the large volume Central Atlantic Magmatic Province eruptions has been considered as an important contributor to the process, but this is debated.

Manfredo Capriolo and colleagues found evidence of abundant CO2 in basaltic rocks from the end-Triassic Central Atlantic Magmatic Province, by analysing tiny gas exsolution bubbles preserved within the rocks. The authors used their analyses to estimate the total volume of volcanic CO2 released during these eruptions. They found that one eruption phase (100,000 km3 of lava over 500 years) is likely to have emitted a total volume of CO2 equivalent to that projected from anthropogenic activities during the 21st century, in the 2⁰ C warming scenario.

The authors suggest that the end-Triassic climatic and environmental changes, driven by the large volume volcanic CO2 emissions, may have been similar to those predicted for the near future under anthropogenic warming.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-15325-6

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