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Earth science: Formation of the Earth’s magnetic field

初期地球の磁場が生成されるまでの過程に関する手掛かりがモデル研究によって得られたことを報告する論文が、Nature Communications に掲載される。


今回、Lars Stixrudeたちの研究チームは、初期地球の基底マグマオーシャンと同様の条件でケイ酸塩液体の電気伝導度を予測するために一連のシミュレーションを行った。その結果、初期地球の基底マグマオーシャンについて予測された温度と圧力条件で、ケイ酸塩の電気伝導度はダイナモを維持する上で十分なことが明らかになった。Stixrudeたちは、この結果に基づいて磁場強度を計算し、計算結果が始生代(約40億~25億年前)の古地磁気記録に見られる値に近いことを明らかにした。Stixrudeたちは、初期地球の磁場が基底マグマオーシャンによって生成されたと結論付け、ケイ酸塩ダイナモが宇宙の他の天体に存在している可能性を提起している。

Insights into how the Earth’s early magnetic field was produced are provided in a modelling study published in Nature Communications.

The Earth’s magnetic field has operated for at least the last 3.4 billion years, but its origins are unclear. Today it is produced by a dynamo in the metallic iron-rich liquid outer core; however, this process would have been difficult to sustain in the early Earth because the core could not cool rapidly enough. At this time the early core was surrounded by a molten silicate layer (a basal magma ocean), but previous electrical conductivity measurements for silicate liquids suggest these compounds could not generate a dynamo.

Lars Stixrude and colleagues performed a series of simulations to predict the electrical conductivity of a silicate liquid in conditions similar to those of the basal magma ocean of the early Earth. The authors found that at the temperature and pressure conditions predicted in this ocean, the electrical conductivity of the silicate is sufficient to sustain a dynamo. Based on their results, they computed magnetic field strengths and found that they were similar to those observed in the Archean (approximately 4 to 2.5 billion years ago) paleomagnetic record. They conclude that the early magnetic field was produced by the basal magma ocean and suggest that silicate dynamos may be present in other terrestrial bodies in the universe.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-020-14773-4

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