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Medical research: Robot-assisted supermicrosurgery demonstrated in humans

専用のロボットプラットフォームを用いたロボット支援超微細手術の、ヒトでの初めての試験を行った試験的研究について報告する論文が、Nature Communications に掲載される。


今回、Tom van Mulkenたちの研究チームは、MUSA支援手術又は人間の手による手術を受けた乳がん関連リンパ浮腫の患者(20人)が関係する無作為化実現可能性試験を実施した。van Mulkenたちは、術後1か月と3か月の患者転帰、手術の所要時間と手術中に形成された静脈系とリンパ系の接続(リンパ管静脈吻合術)の質を評価した。その結果、van Mulkenたちは、MUSAロボットを使ってロボット支援超微細手術を完遂することが可能であり、これが患者の生活の質の向上につながることの確証を得た。


The first in-human trials of robot-assisted supermicrosurgery using a dedicated robotic platform are reported in a pilot study in Nature Communications.

Advances in technology have meant that supermicrosurgery can be performed on vessels within the body with diameters as small as 0.3 mm. However, the success of the surgery is limited by the precision and stability of the surgeon’s hands. Robot-assisted supermicrosurgeries have the potential to overcome this obstacle because more refined and subtle movements can be performed. Recently, a new robot, dubbed MUSA, was developed to achieve this aim and preclinical tests have evaluated the safety and feasibility of using this system.

Tom van Mulken and colleagues performed a randomized feasibility study involving 20 patients with breast cancer-related lymphedema who underwent MUSA-assisted or manual surgery. The authors evaluated patient outcomes at one and three months post-surgery, the duration of the surgery and the quality of the connection made between the venous and lymphatic system during surgery (lymphatico-venous anastomosis). They confirmed that it is feasible to complete robot-assisted supermicrosurgery in patients using the MUSA robot and that this led to an improvement in the patients’ quality of life.

Larger multi-centre trials with more patients and surgeons will be necessary to confirm these results. However, the authors conclude that the findings are promising for the future of reconstructive supermicrosurgery.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-14188-w

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