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Environment: Value of national parks’ impact on mental health estimated

国立公園によって訪問者のメンタルヘルスが改善されることの経済的価値が、世界全体で年間約6兆ドル(約660兆円)に達するという推定結果を報告するPerspectiveが、Nature Communicationsで掲載される。この知見は、予備的研究での計算に基づいたものであり、この推定値を精緻化するには、より詳細な分析が必要となる。


今回、Ralf Buckleyたちの研究グループは、国立公園がもたらす健康増進サービスの価値算定に取り組んだ。Buckleyたちは、人間が苦痛や精神障害なしに日常生活動作を行う能力を測定する「質調整生存年」という概念を用いて、オーストラリアのクイーンズランド州とビクトリア州の代表サンプル集団(1万9674人)から収集したデータを使って、国立公園の経済的価値を推定し、このデータを用いて、オーストラリア全体と世界全体での経済的価値も推定した。その結果、保護区を訪問することと訪問者のメンタルヘルスとの間に直接的な関連があることが判明した。オーストラリアの場合、国立公園の健康増進サービスの価値が年間約1000億ドル(約11兆円)と推定された。そして、オーストラリアでメンタルヘルスが損なわれていることの経済的コストは現在、GDPの約10%に相当しており、保護区がない場合には、この経済的コストが7.5%増える可能性があると推定している。

National parks could provide an economic value of around US $6 trillion per year globally in the improved mental health of their visitors according to initial estimates in a Perspective published in Nature Communications. The findings are based on calculations from pilot studies and more detailed analysis is required to refine the estimates.

The economic costs of poor mental health include treatment, care and reduced workplace productivity. The health-related benefits of spending time in nature are thought to include improved attention, cognition, sleep and stress recovery, but it is unknown what the economic value of national parks is in terms of their impact on the mental health of their visitors.

Ralf Buckley and colleagues set out to calculate the health service value provided by national parks. Using a concept called quality-adjusted life years, which measures a person’s ability to carry out the activities of daily life free from pain and mental disturbance, they estimated the economic value of national parks using data collected from a representative sample of the Australian population in the states of Queensland and Victoria (19,674). They used these data to estimate the value for the whole of Australia and globally. The authors found that there was a direct link between visits to protected areas and individual mental health. For Australia, they estimated that the health services value of Australia’s national parks was around US $100 billion per year. They observed that currently the costs of poor mental health in Australia amount to approximately 10% of GDP and their estimates indicate that without protected areas, these costs could be 7.5% higher.

Please note that this press release refers to a Perspective, not a Nature Communications research article. A Perspective is intended to provide a forum for authors to discuss models and ideas from a personal viewpoint. Perspectives are peer reviewed.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12631-6

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