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Environment: Impacts of switching to organic farming on emissions assessed


今回、Guy Kirkたちの研究グループは、イングランドとウェールズで有機農法による食料生産へ全面転換することが温室効果ガスの正味排出量に及ぼす影響をライフサイクルアセスメントによって評価した。その結果、有機農法による食料生産が、慣行農法と比較して、作物で20%、家畜で4%の排出量削減につながることが判明した。しかし、有機農法への全面転換によって大半の農産物が40%台の生産不足となる可能性があるという予測も示された。Kirkたちの試算によれば、不足分を補うために必要な海外の土地面積は、現在イングランドとウェールズの食料生産に利用されている面積のほぼ5倍となる。この分析結果に基づいて、Kirkたちは、温室効果ガス排出量が正味で現在のレベルの1.7倍になる可能性があるという考えを示している。


An assessment of changes to greenhouse gas emissions if England and Wales shifted completely to organic food production is presented in Nature Communications. The study suggests that emissions would be reduced as a result of organic farming, but when increased land use abroad is factored in to compensate for decreased domestic production, net emissions would rise.

Guy Kirk and colleagues assessed the consequences for net greenhouse gas emissions of a 100% shift to organic food production in England and Wales using life cycle assessments. The authors found that compared with conventional farming, organic production would lead to a reduction in emissions of 20% for crops and 4% for livestock. However, they predict that a complete shift to organic farming could produce shortfalls in production of most agricultural products of the order of 40%. They estimate that the area of overseas land needed to make up for the shortfalls is nearly five times that currently used for food for England and Wales. Based on their analyses, the authors suggest that this could lead to a net increase in emissions of 1.7 times current levels.

Given the contribution livestock farming makes to greenhouse gas emissions, the authors argue that reducing meat consumption could play an important role, and release land for crops for human consumption and carbon storage. However, it is unlikely that there exists any single approach to achieve environmentally sustainable food production, they conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-12622-7

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