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Archaeology: Insights into the mystery of Skeleton Lake



今回、David Reich、Niraj Raiたちの研究グループは、ループクンド湖で発見された人骨(38人分)のDNA解析を行い、放射性炭素年代測定を行った。その結果、別々の時期にループクンド湖に到達した3つの遺伝的に異なるグループが同定された。そのうちの1つには、南アジア出身の23人が含まれており、人骨の年代は紀元前800年頃と決定され、2回以上の事象によって堆積したことを示す証拠が得られた。この他に、東地中海地方出身の14人と東アジア出身の1人については、いずれも紀元約1800年頃と年代決定された。今回の研究で得られた知見は、すべての人骨が1回の天変地異事象によって堆積したとするこれまでの学説に対する反論となっている。地中海地方からの移住者がいたという謎を解くには、記録文書の研究をさらに進める必要がある。

An analysis of DNA extracted from 38 skeletons dating from 800-1800 CE from Roopkund Lake (colloquially known as Skeleton Lake), in India, identifies three groups of individuals with different ancestries, reports a study in Nature Communications. The skeletons were deposited during multiple events, separated in time by approximately 1,000 years and include 14 individuals with ancestry typical of the eastern Mediterranean, dated to around 1800 CE.

Skeletal remains of several hundred individuals are scattered around the shores of Roopkund Lake, a small body of water situated at over 5,000 meters above sea level in the Himalayan Mountains. Several hypotheses have been suggested to explain the origins of these skeletons; however, given the nature of the site it has been difficult to determine where they came from.

David Reich, Niraj Rai and colleagues analysed DNA and performed radiocarbon dating for 38 individuals from the lake. The authors identified three genetically distinct groups, which had arrived at separate times. This included 23 individuals with South Asian ancestry dated to around 800 CE, with evidence that the skeletons from this group were deposited in more than one event. They also found 14 individuals of eastern Mediterranean ancestry and an individual with East Asian ancestry, both dated to approximately 1800 CE. The findings refute previous suggestions that all the skeletons were deposited in a single catastrophic event. Further archival research is needed to resolve the puzzling presence of the Mediterranean migrants.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-11357-9

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