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Climate change: Media visibility of climate change contrarians assessed


今回、Alexander Petersenたちの研究グループは、気候変動懐疑論者の可視性、権威性の生成に関する調査を行い、気候変動懐疑論者(学者、科学者、政治家、実業家)386人と気候変動の一因が人間の活動だとする見解に同意する気候科学者386人のデジタルフットプリントを追跡調査した。今回の調査は、主に北米とヨーロッパに拠点を置くメディアソースの約10万点の記事とブログ記事を用いて行われた。全体では、気候変動懐疑論者のメディアにおける可視性は、気候変動科学者よりも49%高かったことが判明した。これに対して、(従来の編集基準による情報の品質管理を実施している)30の主要メディアソースを特に調べたところ、両者の可視性は、ほぼ同じだった。


A group of climate change contrarians appeared in 49% more media articles than scientists who support the consensus view that climate change has an anthropogenic origin, according to an analysis in Nature Communications of digital and print media articles from 2000 - 2016. However, when comparing visibility between these two groups in a subset only of mainstream media outlets, there was a 1% difference in their respective visibilities.

Alexander Petersen and colleagues investigated the visibility and emergence of authority among climate change contrarians. The authors tracked the digital footprints of 386 climate change contrarians (comprised of academics, scientists, politicians and business people) and 386 climate scientists who agree climate change has an anthropogenic cause. They did so using approximately 100,000 media articles and blogs on climate change from sources based primarily in North America and Europe from 2000 - 2016. They found that overall, the climate change contrarians’ media visibility was 49% higher than the climate change scientists’. However, when the authors looked specifically at 30 mainstream media sources (sources that implement quality control through traditional editorial standards), the media visibility of the two groups was nearly the same.

The authors argue that prominent contrarian voices may benefit from the scalability of new media, particularly news sources and blogs that may not implement rigorous information quality assessment standards.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-09959-4

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