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Neuroscience: Decoding dialogue from brain activity in real time



今回、Edward Changたちの研究グループは、質問と回答からなる対話を模倣した実験で、知覚された発話と生成された発話を脳活動から復号化した。今回の研究では、被験者(てんかんの治療を受けている3人の患者)に、質問を聞かせてからあらかじめ用意された回答を読み上げる課題を一定回数行わせて、その際の被験者の脳皮質活動を記録した。その後、これらのデータは、発話検出モデルと発話解読モデルの訓練に役立てられた。次にそれぞれの被験者に質問を聞かせてから被験者が選んだ答えを読み上げさせる課題を一定回数行わせた。



A neural decoder that can translate brain activity associated with hearing and responding to questions and produce a text transcript in real time, is presented in Nature Communications.

The cortex of the brain contains distinct areas in which neuronal activity encodes a representation of perceived and produced speech. Studies have shown that this brain activity can be decoded; however, previous research has focused on decoding listening and speaking tasks separately.

Edward Chang and colleagues decoded perceived and produced speech from brain activity in trials mimicking question-and-answer dialogue. The authors recorded cortical activity from the brains of three patients undergoing treatment for epilepsy as they listened to a series of questions and responded verbally with a set of specified answers. These data then served to train the speech detection and decoding models. The participants then listened to a series of questions and responded audibly with an answer of their choice.

Using only the neural signals recorded during this dialogue, the authors were able to detect when the participants were listening or speaking, and predict what was being heard or said. By decoding the question, they were able to use this information to improve the accuracy of the decoded answer (because some answers were valid responses only to certain questions). They found that they were able to decode produced and perceived speech with an accuracy of up to 61% and 76% respectively.

Further work would be needed to decode answers from imagined speech to enable use by individuals who are unable to speak on account of injury or neurodegenerative disorders.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10994-4

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