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Environment: Global cost of damage to transport infrastructure evaluated


今回、Elco Koksたちの研究グループは、世界の道路と鉄道の資産データと、ハザードマップを使って、世界の輸送インフラが、熱帯性低気圧、地震、陸面氾濫による洪水、河川の氾濫による洪水、沿岸洪水などの自然災害にどれほどさらされており、これらの自然災害がどれほど大きなリスクとなっているかを算出した。その結果、世界の輸送インフラの約27%が、1つ以上の自然災害に遭遇しており、全球の年間被害予想額が31億~220億ドル(約3400億円~2兆4200億円)に及ぶ可能性のあることが判明した。またKoksたちは、こうした自然災害に対して特に脆弱なのが、パプアニューギニアなどの小島嶼開発途上国の輸送インフラであることを明らかにした。被害額の絶対値が最も大きかったのは、中国や日本などの高所得国であったが、リスクのGDP比は、ジョージアやミャンマーなどの中所得国の方が大きかった。


Damage to road and rail infrastructure due to natural disasters could result in annual costs, on average, of approximately US $14.6 billion globally, according to a paper in Nature Communications. The modelling study suggests around 73% of this damage would be due to surface water (caused by extreme rainfall) and river flooding.

Elco Koks and colleagues used global road and railway asset data and hazard maps to calculate the exposure and risk to transport infrastructure from natural disasters, including tropical cyclones, earthquakes, surface flooding, river flooding and coastal flooding. The authors found that around 27% of global transport infrastructure is exposed to at least one hazard and the cost of global expected annual damages could range from $3.1 - 22 billion. They identified that the transport infrastructure of small island developing states, such as Papua New Guinea, are particularly vulnerable to these hazards. However, although the greatest absolute damages were observed in high income countries, such as China and Japan, middle income countries, such as Georgia and Myanmar, are at higher risk relative to GDP.

The authors argue that it is crucial that countries improve transport planning by including risk information in their assessments. This could help minimize spending on all assets by targeting key improvements to prevent damage from natural hazards.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-10442-3

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