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Medical research: Regenerating injured lungs in pigs



今回、Matthew Bacchettaたちの研究グループは、激しく損傷した肺を再生して移植判定基準に適合させられるかを調べた。Bacchettaたちは、8匹のブタで胃吸引を再現した後、損傷した肺を移植先のブタの循環器系に接続することによって体外システムで維持した。この交叉循環システムを用いることで、ドナー肺がブタドナーの体外で最大36時間にわたって維持され、一連の治療介入を行う時間的余裕が生まれた。この体外臓器維持システムは、損傷肺の再生と機能改善を実現し、こうして再生された肺は、移植判定基準に全て適合していた。


The regeneration of damaged pig lungs using an external organ support system is reported in Nature Communications this week. The preliminary findings suggest that it may be possible to recover damaged lungs for use in organ transplantation.

Gastric aspiration - the entry of gastric material into the respiratory tract - is a common injury that renders lungs unsuitable for transplantation. With a global shortage of organs for transplantation, the ability to regenerate damaged lungs could potentially increase the pool of suitable organs.

Matthew Bacchetta and colleagues investigated the possibility of regenerating severely damaged lungs to meet transplantation criteria. The authors reproduced gastric aspiration injury in eight pigs and maintained the damaged lungs in an external support system by connecting them to the circulatory system of the recipient animal. Using this cross-circulatory platform, they were able to maintain the donor lungs outside of the animal’s body for up to 36 hours; allowing time for a series of therapeutic interventions to take place. The system resulted in the regeneration of the injured lungs and improvement of their function. The regenerated lungs met all the criteria for transplantation.

Further studies will be needed to confirm the functional capacity of the lungs following transplantation and the safety of the method. Research will also be required to assess the effects of immunosuppression (necessary for organ transplantation in humans) on lung recovery.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-019-09908-1

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