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Nutrition: Grandfathers' access to food correlated with grandsons' mortality risk


今回、Denny Vageroたちの研究グループは、「ウプサラ多世代出生コホート研究」の対象となったスウェーデン国内の地域における1874~1910年の作物の収量データを集めた上で、このデータを用いて、祖父母(9039人)が思春期前の成長が鈍化する時期に食料を取得するのがどれだけ難しかったかを推定した。Vageroたちは、これらの祖父母の孫(1万1561人)の1961~2015年の死亡データを用いて、父方の祖父の成長の鈍化する時期に作物の収量が例年よりもはるかに多かったことが、その男孫の総死亡率およびがんによる死亡リスクが高いことと相関していることを明らかにした。ただし、この関連は、女孫の場合には見られなかった。


A paternal grandfather's access to food during their pre-pubertal slow growth period (ages 9 to 12 years) is associated with mortality risk in their male, but not female, grandchildren. The findings are published in Nature Communications this week. This study in a large, three-generational cohort expands on previous work and supports the hypothesis that environmental exposures in one generation may influence health outcomes in subsequent generations. However, the study does not determine a potential mechanism for this relationship.

Denny Vagero and colleagues collected information on the yields of harvests for the regions in Sweden included in the Uppsala Birth Cohort Multigeneration Study from 1874-1910. These data were used to estimate how difficult it was for the grandparents (9,039) to access food during their slow growth period. Using data on mortality from 1961-2015 for their grandchildren (11,561), the authors found that paternal grandfathers entering their slow growth period during years when harvests had unusually high yields were correlated with a higher all-cause mortality risk and a higher risk of dying from cancer in their grandsons. However, the association was not seen in their granddaughters.

Although these results support the idea of transgenerational epigenetic inheritance (when the effects of an environmental exposure are inherited via epigenetic modifications in the germline), they only provide indirect evidence for this hypothesis. Further studies showing a direct effect on epigenetic markers in the germline and transmission of such markers over three generations would be required to establish a direct causal link between grandfathers' access to food and their grandsons' mortality risk.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07617-9

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