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Environment: Arctic infrastructure under risk from permafrost thaw



今回、Jan Hjortたちの研究グループは、気候変動予測に基づいて北極域の北半球永久凍土領域におけるインフラの危険に関するリスク評価を行い、2050年にリスクにさらされるエンジニアリング構造物を定量化した。その結果、21世紀中頃には、たとえ温室効果ガスの排出量が安定的に推移するようになり、あるいは減少したとしても、北極全体の人口(約400万人)の大部分と交通インフラおよび産業インフラの70%が、永久凍土の融解のリスクの高い地域に含まれることが明らかになった。この結果は、北極全体のインフラの3分の1とロシアの北極圏に立地する炭化水素抽出施設の45%が、永久凍土の融解に関連した地盤の不安定化によって、建造環境が深刻な打撃を受ける可能性のあることを示唆している。


By 2050, approximately three quarters of the current population in the Northern Hemisphere permafrost area in the Arctic may be affected by damage to infrastructure associated with permafrost thaw, according to a paper in Nature Communications. The study suggests that most of the Arctic infrastructure will be at risk, even if the Paris Agreement targets are met.

The thaw of near-surface permafrost due to global warming may impair critical infrastructure, which could pose a serious threat to the utilization of natural resources and to the sustainable development of Arctic communities. Owing to the increasing economic and environmental relevance of the Arctic, information about the potential risk to infrastructure is needed.

Jan Hjort and colleagues conducted an infrastructure and hazard risk assessment in the Northern Hemisphere’s permafrost domain in the Arctic under projected climatic changes, and quantified engineering structures at risk by 2050. The authors found that most of the pan-Arctic population (approximately four million people) and 70% of transportation and industrial infrastructure is located in areas at high risk of permafrost thaw by the middle of the century, even if greenhouse gas emissions stabilise or are reduced. The results suggest that one-third of pan-Arctic infrastructure and 45% of the hydrocarbon extraction fields in the Russian Arctic are in regions where thaw-related ground instability could cause severe damage to the built environment.

The authors argue that their results demonstrate the need for detailed infrastructure risk assessments in a warming world.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07557-4

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