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Archaeology: Dental health of 21 medieval villagers assessed



今回、Jesper Olsen、Enrico Cappelliniたちの研究グループは、メタプロテオミクスという方法を用いて、デンマークTjaerbyの墓地の考古学的発掘調査で回収された西暦1100~1450年頃のものとされるヒトの遺骸21体の歯石に含まれるヒト由来、細菌由来、および食物由来のタンパク質の同定と定量を行った。著者たちは、この遺骸の試料を現代の健常者7人から採取した試料と比較した。解析の結果、遺骸の試料は2つのグループに分けることができ、一方は主に病原菌によって構成されており、もう一方は現代の健常者の口腔細菌相との類似性が高いことが明らかになった。また、タンパク質プロファイルからは、中世の人々と現代人の歯石の一般的な違いも示され、これは生活様式と衛生状態の変化を反映したものである可能性がある。


The oral health of 21 medieval settlers from Denmark is revealed in an analysis of dental plaque published in Nature Communications this week. The study suggests that specific profiles of proteins can distinguish healthy individuals from those more vulnerable to oral diseases. These differences are not observable using traditional methods, and the authors argue this illustrates the value of their approach in understanding historical oral health.

Dental plaque preserves a wide variety of molecules, some of which are human while others originate from bacteria or food. This molecular composition differs in health and disease, and it has been suggested to be as unique as a fingerprint.

Jesper Olsen, Enrico Cappellini and colleagues used a method called metaproteomics to identify and quantify human, bacterial and dietary proteins in the dental plaque of 21 individuals dating from around 1100-1450 CE retrieved from the archaeological excavation of the cemetery of Tjaerby, Denmark. They compared these samples to those from seven healthy present-day participants. The authors' analysis reveals one group of medieval samples that is mainly defined by pathogenic bacteria and a second group showing greater similarities to the healthy oral flora of living individuals. The protein profiles also indicate general differences between ancient and modern plaque, which might mirror changes in lifestyle and hygiene.

The findings suggest that metaproteomics has the potential to enable more detailed reconstructions of human health in archaeological populations, the authors conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-07148-3

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