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Climate science: Wildfires in Mediterranean Europe increase with warming above 1.5°C



今回、Marco Turcoたちの研究グループは、いくつかの地域気候モデルを用いて、2099年のヨーロッパ地中海地方における焼失面積の予測を行った。その際、全球平均気温が産業革命以前と比べて摂氏1.5度、2度、3度上昇する場合の各種シナリオにおいて、気候-植生-火災の関係が干ばつなどの要因によってどのように変化するのかを考慮に入れた。その結果、この関係を線形とした過去の研究による予測と比べて、山火事による焼失面積が半減することが明らかになった。しかし、焼失面積は温暖化に伴ってやはり増加し、1.5度上昇のシナリオでは焼失面積が現在の40%増(大部分がイベリア半島)、3度上昇のシナリオでは100%増と予測されている。

The projected increase in drought conditions will lead to a greater area burned by wildfires in the Mediterranean by the end of the century, according to a modelling study in Nature Communications. Under a 1.5°C rise in global temperatures, the study predicts there will be an increase of 40% in the total area burned. However, by accounting for the changing climate-fire relationship, the model suggests that the total area burned could be smaller than previous projections.

Mediterranean Europe is highly susceptible to fires. In particular, the 2017 fire season led to extensive damage, including loss of human lives. A warmer and drier climate is expected to lead to more favourable conditions for fires in this region. At the same time, changes in climate conditions will also lead to changes in vegetation, the primary fuel for fires. However, most wildfire activity projections assume a non-changing relationship between climate, vegetation and fire.

Marco Turco and colleagues use a set of regional climate models to project burned area in Mediterranean Europe for 2099 taking into account how the climate-vegetation-fire relationship will change under different scenarios (an increase of 1.5, 2 and 3°C of mean global temperature) as a result of factors such as drought. The authors find that the area burned by wildfires would be half of that assuming a linear relationship, as previous studies have done. However, the burned area still increases with warming, with a 40% rise over current levels for a 1.5°C scenario (mostly in the Iberian peninsula), and a 100% increase for 3°C warming.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06358-z

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