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Medical research: New potential treatment for black mamba venom



今回、Andreas Laustsenたちの研究グループは、ブラックマンバのデンドロトキシンを中和できるヒト抗体カクテルからなる実験的組換え抗毒素を同定した。この実験的抗毒素をマウスモデルに投与すると、ブラックマンバの毒の神経毒性作用が停止した。今回の研究は、抗毒素候補を同定し、検証するための新しい方法をもたらすものである。

A potential new human-derived cocktail of antibodies for the treatment of black mamba venom is presented in Nature Communications this week. The findings, demonstrated in mice, suggest that human-derived antibodies may hold promise for delivering safer and more effective treatments against snake bite toxins than current anti-venoms.

The venom of the black mamba is a potent, fast-acting toxin associated with high fatality if left untreated. The venom is comprised of multiple toxins including a dendrotoxin that targets the nervous system, resulting in paralysis and death. Current anti-venoms are derived from the plasma of hyper-immunized animals. However, they are expensive, show limited effect and can be associated with severe reactions when administered to patients, including serum sickness and severe anaphylaxis.

Andreas Laustsen and colleagues identify an experimental recombinant anti-venom composed of a cocktail of human antibodies that can neutralize the dendrotoxin of the black mamba. When this experimental anti-venom is administered in a mouse model it stops the neurotoxic effects of black mamba venom. The study provides a novel means to identify and test potential anti-venoms.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06086-4

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