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Education: Grade variation between genders smaller in STEM subjects



今回、Rose O’Deaたちの研究グループは、160万人以上の学生の教師による学業成績の評点に関する227件の研究の結果を総合し、男女学生の学業成績を比較した。その結果、評点の分散の男女差は、STEM科目の方がそれ以外の科目(例えば、英語と歴史)よりも小さいことが判明した。この男女差のシミュレーションからは、クラスのトップ10に占める男女の数はSTEM科目では同数なのに対して、STEM以外の科目では女子の方が多かった。O’Deaたちは、男子の方が評点のばらつきが大きいが、これだけでSTEMのキャリアを選ぶ男子学生が女子学生より特異的に多い理由を説明できないと主張している。

Differences in both grade average and variability between boys and girls are smaller in STEM than non-STEM subjects, according to a study in Nature Communications. The authors suggest that greater variability in grades among boys is therefore insufficient to explain male over-representation in STEM.

Fewer women than men pursue careers related to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), even though girls consistently outperform boys at school in these subjects. One proposed explanation for this is that there is more variability in terms of academic ability among boys than girls. According to this ‘variability hypothesis’, even though girls do better than boys on average, more boys excel in STEM subjects, and those who excel are more likely to choose a STEM career.

Rose O’Dea and colleagues combined the results of 227 studies on teacher-assigned school grades for over 1.6 million students to compare differences in academic grades between boys and girls. They found that differences in the variance of grades between boys and girls are smaller in STEM than in non-STEM subjects, such as English and History. Simulations of these differences suggest the top 10% of a class contains equal numbers of girls and boys in STEM, but more girls in non-STEM subjects. The authors argue that although boys show greater grade variability than girls, this alone cannot explain why men are specifically over-represented in STEM.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-06292-0

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