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Chemistry: Splitting water in microgravity



今回、Katharina Brinkertたちの研究グループは、無重力に近い状態で光を使って水を分解する動作効率の高い光電気化学電池を開発した。Brinkertたちは、落下塔で一連の実験を行って、宇宙空間の無重力に近い環境をシミュレーションし、宇宙空間で太陽光を使って水を分解する方法を探究した。その結果、無重力状態では水面からの気泡の除去が制限を受けるため、光による水の分解活動が低下することが分かった。これに対して、Brinkertたちは、電池内部のナノスケールの特徴の形状を調整することで、気泡の放出に成功し、低重力状態での水分解活動を維持した。


The light-driven splitting of water in near-zero gravity to produce hydrogen and oxygen is demonstrated in Nature Communications this week. The research may have applications for long-term space-faring journeys, where water could be used to produce both device-powering fuel and breathable oxygen.

Plants are able to convert light and water into fuel and oxygen. Scientists hope to mimic and improve upon this natural process using artificial photosynthesis for large-scale renewable energy utilization. Although this technology has experienced growth for Earth-bound applications, there has been no work exploring its use for long-term space voyages.

Katharina Brinkert and colleagues developed an efficiently operating photoelectrochemical cell capable of splitting water using light in near-zero gravity. The authors performed a series of experiments in a drop tower to simulate the near-zero gravity environment of space to explore how solar water splitting might operate in space. They found that the lack of gravity would reduce light-driven water splitting activities owing to limited bubble removal from surfaces. However, by adjusting the shape of nanoscale-features in the cell, the authors enabled bubble release, retaining water-splitting activities in low-gravity.

The authors suggest that this technology could lead to improvements and extensions of life support systems for long-duration space voyages. This work also provides insight into how terrestrial light-driven water-splitting devices could be improved.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04844-y

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