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Genetics: Genetic determinants of social interaction


今回、John Perryたちの研究グループは、孤独感、他者との相互作用の頻度、およびこの相互作用の質の高さ(つまり、秘密を打ち明けることのできる者の存在)に関する質問票に回答した英国バイオバンク研究参加者48万7647人の遺伝的多様性を解析した。Perryたちは、複数形質のゲノム規模関連解析の手法を用いて、個人の遺伝的構成が孤独に対する感受性をどのように決定するのかを調べ、ゲノム上の15か所の座位における遺伝的変異が、この被験者集団における社会的孤立に関連していることを明らかにした。さらに、特定の活動への参加(例えば、パブに行く、宗教団体に所属している、スポーツクラブやジムの会員になっているなど)について解析を行ったところ、細かな遺伝的差異が明らかになり、特定の活動を選ぶという共通点も見られた。



Whether we feel lonely or engage in certain social activities may be influenced by variation in specific genomic regions reports a paper published in Nature Communications this week.

John Perry and colleagues analysed genetic variation in 487,647 participants of the UK Biobank who had provided questionnaire responses about their perceived loneliness, the frequency of interactions with others and the quality of these interactions (i.e. whether they have someone to confide in). The authors used a multi-trait genome-wide association study approach to better understand how the genetic make-up of an individual could determine their susceptibility to loneliness. Variation at 15 genomic loci was found to be associated with social isolation in this group of people. Further analyses looked into participation in specific activities such as going to the pub, being in a religious groups or part of a sports club/gym, which revealed fine-grained genetic differences but also similarities for choosing a particular activity.

Additionally, the authors report that genetic variation that may influence loneliness can also have an effect on psychiatric and psychological traits such as neuroticism or subjective well-being and on physical traits like body mass index. This suggests there may be a genetic link between social isolation, mental health and cardiometabolic health.

The authors note that the findings are based on self-reporting and association analyses and further studies are required to confirm any causal role the genetic variants identified may play in these processes.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04930-1

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