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Environment: Coral reefs protect coasts and wallets


今回、Michael Beckたちの研究グループは、高潮モデルを用いて、全世界のサンゴ礁によって人々の生命と財産が保護される効果の年間予想額を推定した。今回の研究では、発生確率の異なる4つの暴風雨事象について、サンゴ礁がある場合とない場合のシナリオを立て、それぞれの高潮の状況を比較した。なお、「サンゴ礁がない場合」は、「サンゴ礁がある場合」よりもサンゴ礁の高さと粗度が1メートル低い場合と定義した。その結果、極端な事象(100年に一度の暴風雨事象で、各年の発生確率が1%)が起こった場合には、「サンゴ礁がない」と、高潮浸水被害額が91%増加して、2720億ドル(約30兆円)に達するという予測が示された。また、Beckたちは、サンゴ礁の維持管理活動の恩恵を最も受けるのがインドネシア、フィリピン、マレーシア、メキシコ、キューバであり、各国で高潮浸水被害額が4億ドル(約440億円)低減することを明らかにした。


The annual expected damages from flooding would double globally without coral reefs according to a study in Nature Communications this week. This finding demonstrates that coral reefs not only provide coastal protection benefits to people and property, but also flood-protection savings.

Michael Beck and colleagues use flooding models to estimate the annual expected benefit of coral reefs for protecting people and property globally. They compare flooding for scenarios with and without reefs for four storm events based on the probability that they will occur, the latter scenario assuming a one metre decrease in coral reef height and roughness. They find that for extreme events (100-year storm events, which have a 1% chance of happening in any given year), flood damages would increase by 91% to $272 billion without reefs. They also show that Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Mexico and Cuba have the most to gain from reef management, with annual expected flood savings exceeding $400 million each.

The authors warn that although flattening of coral reefs has been observed in several locations globally, some areas of the globe have reefs in good condition, with some even growing. Therefore, the effects reported are not foregone conclusions, but underscore the importance of considering the economic valuation of reefs to inform policy.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-04568-z

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