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Genetics: Local environment affects gene expression



今回、Philip Awadallaたちの研究グループは、ケベック州のさまざまな地域に居住する1007人から集めた環境要因への曝露、健康状態、遺伝子発現レベル、およびゲノム全域の遺伝的変異情報に関するデータを評価した。その結果、血液サンプルの遺伝子発現プロファイルに対する環境の影響が、遺伝的祖先による影響よりも大きいことが判明した。さらに、微小粒子状物質(PM2.5)、二酸化窒素、二酸化硫黄などによる局所的大気汚染が、心血管代謝と呼吸器の形質に影響を及ぼす遺伝子発現を変化させ、結果として肺疾患と動脈硬化を発生させる可能性のあることも分かった。


Exposure to local environmental factors, such as air pollution, has a larger impact than genetic ancestry on modulating gene expression and health reports an analysis involving a cohort of about 1,000 individuals from Quebec, Canada, published this week in Nature Communications.

Industrialization and increased use of fossil-fuel energies have led to air pollution and hazardous air quality in many parts of the world. It is thought that individuals with varying genetic backgrounds respond differently to environmental factors, leading to variance in heritability and risk of certain diseases. However, disease risk owing to environmental exposures and their interactions with the genome remain poorly understood.

Philip Awadalla and colleagues assessed data encompassing a range of environmental exposures, health, gene expression levels, and whole genome genetic variation information from 1,007 individuals across different regions of Quebec. The authors found that the impact of the environment on gene expression profiles in blood samples overrides that of genetic ancestry. Furthermore, local ambient air pollution, such as fine particulate matter (PM2.5), nitrogen dioxide and sulphur dioxide modulates gene expression affecting cardio-metabolic and respiratory traits, which may lead to lung disease and arterial stiffness.

The authors conclude that their findings demonstrate how the local environment directly affects disease risk and that genetic variation can modulate an individual’s response to environmental challenges.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-018-03202-2

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