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Nature Communications

Ageing: A genetic shift from cancer to degenerative diseases


今回のChristoph Kaletaたちの研究では、さまざまな年齢の4種の生物(ヒト、マウス、ゼブラフィッシュ、メダカ)の4種類の組織の老化関連遺伝子発現プロファイルからなる大規模なデータセットが作成された。また、Kaletaたちは、一般公開されている老化関連疾患の患者のデータも解析した。その結果、老化期の遺伝子発現パターンが慢性変性疾患において観察されたパターンと同じ方向に変化しており、この方向ががんにおいて観察された方向とは逆であることが判明した。これと同様の拮抗関係はゲノムレベルでも観察され、がんと変性疾患に共通する数多くのリスクアレルがそれぞれの疾患のかかりやすさに対して逆の影響を及ぼしていた。さらにKaletaたちは、老化が関与する疾患過程の主たる要因が免疫系と細胞分裂関連過程に関連していることを明らかにした。


Ageing-associated changes in gene expression follow trajectories akin to those observed in degenerative chronic diseases yet opposite to those found in cancer, reports a study published in Nature Communications. The findings provide insights into the observed shift from cancer to degenerative chronic disease as the major cause of mortality in the later stages of ageing in the human population.

In this study, Christoph Kaleta and colleagues generated a large dataset consisting of ageing-associated gene-expression profiles from four species (humans, mice, zebrafish and killifish) at different ages across four tissue types. They also analysed publicly available data from patients with ageing-associated diseases. The authors found that patterns of gene expression during ageing shift towards those observed in degenerative chronic diseases, and are opposite to those observed in cancer. A similar antagonism is also seen on the genomic level where a large number of shared risk alleles in cancer and degenerative diseases have opposite effects on the predisposition to either type of disease. In addition, the authors show that key contributors to ageing-mediated disease processes are associated with the immune system and cell-division-related processes.

This study hence uncovers a trade-off between cancer and degenerative chronic diseases, providing insight into the shift in their prevalence during ageing, the authors conclude.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02395-2

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