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Virology: Less is more: a simplified HIV treatment


現在のHIV治療法は、錠剤の連日投与に依存しており、患者が指示された通りに治療薬を飲まないことが、HIVの治療と予防の効率を高める上で妨げになっている。今回、Giovanni Traversoたちの研究グループは、数種類の抗レトロウイルス薬を組み合わせて1回分の投薬量とした週1回投与の経口送達系を開発した。このモジュール式薬剤送達系には、薬剤が包み込まれ、その後に中身が飛び出すようにできているため、経口送達ができ、胃腸管に長時間滞留し、最大6種類の製剤を組み込むことができる。Traversoたちは、ブタを使った実験で、新たに開発した「錠剤」から3種類の抗レトロウイルス薬が徐々に放出され、十分に高い薬剤濃度が1週間維持されることを明らかにした。また、数理モデル研究も行われて、この治療法によって治療の失敗が有意に減ると考えられ、HIV暴露前予防投薬の有効性が高まることで高リスク集団におけるHIVの新規症例を予防できる可能性が示された。


HIV infection could be treated and prevented by a long-lasting drug delivery system, shows a study published in Nature Communications this week. The newly developed once-weekly, oral dosage form, demonstrated in pigs, may improve patient adherence to treatment, which could decrease treatment failure and emergence of drug-resistant virus.

Current HIV treatment relies on daily pill administration and a lack of medication adherence is a barrier for efficient HIV treatment and prevention. Giovanni Traverso and colleagues have developed an oral, once-weekly delivery system that combines antiretrovirals in one dosage. This modular drug delivery system folds and recoils to enable oral delivery and prolonged residence in the gastrointestinal tract, and it can be loaded with up to six different drug formulations. The authors show in pigs that their developed ‘pill’ releases three antiretroviral drugs slowly, resulting in sufficiently high drug levels for a week. Furthermore, mathematical modelling indicates that this treatment would significantly reduce therapeutic failures and could prevent new HIV cases in high-risk populations by improving the efficacy of pre-exposure HIV prevention treatments.

Although the results with pigs are promising, future studies are needed to address safety and efficacy of this approach, as the swine model does not support HIV infection.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-02294-6

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