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Physics: The science behind your latte



今回、Howard Stoneたちの研究グループは、日常のさまざまな場面(例えばカフェラテの作成)で層化がどのように起こるのかを解明するため、コーヒー飲料を模倣した実験的液体を使って実験を行い、カフェラテにおいて密度の異なる複数の層が出現する原因機構が二重拡散対流であることを明らかにした。この研究では、熱いエスプレッソと暖かい牛乳の温度差を原因とする熱勾配とエスプレッソの注入を原因とする密度勾配が競合していることが実験によって明らかになった。Stoneたちは、複数の層が形成するために必要な臨界注入速度が存在し、これより低い注入速度だと液体は混ざり合うが、複数の層に分かれないことを報告しており、この日常生活の実例を利用して、工業環境でソフトマテリアルに層状構造を容易かつ反復的に作り出せるという考えを示している。


Pouring hot espresso into warm milk can create distinct layers but only for a specific pouring speed, according to experiments described in Nature Communications this week. The findings help identify a straightforward method to produce layered structures in soft materials.

Distinct patterns can form in liquids when a heat gradient causes a portion of a fluid to heat up and become lighter and another portion to cool down and become denser, giving rise to convection cells. Competition between two different types of gradient can lead to a similar effect called double-diffusive convection, as can be observed in the layering of the ocean due to competing salinity and temperature gradients.

To understand how layering can occur in everyday situations, such as the preparation of a latte, Howard Stone and colleagues perform experiments in an experimental liquid that mimics the coffee-based drink. They identify double-diffusive convection as the mechanism responsible for the appearance of density layers in latte. In this case the experiments reveal that there is a competition between a thermal gradient, due to the difference in temperatures of hot espresso and warm milk, and a density gradient, caused by the injection of espresso. They report a critical pouring speed, which is necessary to produce the layers, whereas at lower pouring speeds the liquids mix but do not separate out into layers. The authors suggest using this example from daily life to easily and repeatedly produce layering in soft materials in an industrial setting.

The proposed layering strategy promises applications in food science and materials science.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01852-2

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