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Fossils: Ancient giant penguin from New Zealand



今回、Gerald Mayrたちの研究グループは、ニュージーランドで出土し、今から約6000万~5500万年前の暁新世後期と年代決定された部分的な骨格化石について、巨大ペンギンの新種Kumimanu biceaeと同定した。発見された化石の中に約161ミリメートルの大腿骨が含まれており、この巨大ペンギンの体重は約101キログラムで体長が約1.77メートルと推定された。その結果、K. biceaeは、これまでに報告されたペンギンの中で最大級のもので、知られている限りでは最古のペンギン種の1つとなった。この他に6200万~5800万年前と年代決定された2点のペンギン種の化石がある。

Mayrたちは、K. biceaeの進化的関係に基づいて、その巨大な体の起源が他のペンギン種の場合とは全く別で、ペンギンが出現して、空を飛ぶ生活から水に潜る生活への進化的移行が起こった後間もなくのことだったと結論付けている。

The discovery of a new species of ancient giant penguin, around the same height as an average human male, is reported in Nature Communications this week. Fossilized remains of the extinct penguin from approximately 60-55 million years ago, discovered in New Zealand, provide novel insights into the early evolution of penguins.

Gigantism is a known feature of penguin evolution, in which the size of ancient species exceeded that of the largest living penguins. Giant specimens are well documented from approximately 50 to 20 million years ago, but older examples in more ancestral lineages have been lacking.

Gerald Mayr and colleagues describe a new giant species named Kumimanu biceae, identified from a partial skeleton dating back to around 60-55 million years ago during the late Palaeocene of New Zealand. The find includes a femur measuring around 161 mm, from which it is estimated that the penguin weighed around 101 kg and had a body length of 1.77 m, making it one of largest penguins reported to date. K. biceae is also one of the oldest known penguin species, as only two other species are known from 62 to 58 million years ago.

Based on the evolutionary relationships of the new species, the authors conclude that the new species represents an independent origin of giant size, which took place soon after the origin of penguins and the evolutionary transition from flight to diving.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01959-6

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