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Evolution: Did Neanderthals simply drift away?


今回、Oren KolodnyとMarcus Feldmanは、ヒト族集団内の浮動に基づくネアンデルタール人の置換モデルを作成した。このモデルでは、種の出現頻度に変化が生じる原因は偶発的な出来事であり、選択的優位性ではないとされる。今回の研究で、移住パターンと当初の集団サイズ以外の点でネアンデルタール人と現生人類が同等だったと仮定した場合であっても、現生人類がアフリカからユーラシアへの移住を何度も繰り返したために現生人類がネアンデルタール人に取って代わることが確実になっていたことが明らかになった。現生人類が徐々にネアンデルタール人に取って代わったのであり、アフリカから外へ移住し、ユーラシアで定着した1つかそれ以上の小規模な現生人類の集団の子孫がネアンデルタール人に取って代わり、人口増加を経てヒト族集団の全体を占めるようになったことがこのモデルによって示唆されている。


Migration dynamics of modern humans from Africa into Eurasia are sufficient to explain the replacement of Neanderthals by modern humans, suggests a model published in Nature Communications this week. Previously, it had been argued that the extinction of Neanderthals was caused by environmental pressure, out-competition by modern humans, or both.

Oren Kolodny and Marcus Feldman developed a model of Neanderthal replacement based on species drift, in which changes in frequencies of species are driven by random events rather than by a selective advantage. Even under the assumption that Neanderthals and modern humans were equal except in migration pattern and initial population size, they found that modern humans were certain to replace Neanderthals due to the repeated migration of modern humans from Africa into Eurasia. The model suggests that this replacement was gradual: that Neanderthals were replaced by the offspring of one or more small groups of modern humans that migrated out of Africa, established in Eurasia, and increased in numbers until eventually reaching 100% of the hominin population.

Although the extinction of Neanderthals may still have been hastened by environmental factors or an advantage for modern humans, the new model suggests that the replacement of Neanderthals was inevitable. The model also provides a baseline for further testing of the relative roles of other causal factors.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01043-z

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