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Climate sciences: A song of ice sheets and fire



今回、Francesco Muschitielloたちの研究グループは、1万3000年前の最終退氷期におけるスウェーデンの湖沼堆積物とグリーンランドの氷床の年層記録を厳密に比較することで、この論点を解明するための手掛かりを得た。この堆積物の記録には、フェノスカンジア氷床の融解現象が記録されており、特筆すべき点は、1万3000~1万2000年前の氷床に記録されていた爆発的で硫黄を多く含む火山活動を示す徴候に対応していることだ。最終退氷期に起こったアイスランドでの火山活動は、現代の50倍の規模だった。Muschitielloたちは、この火山活動が、フェノスカンジア氷床の融解現象の原因である可能性が高く、黒ずんだ火山灰が明るく輝く氷の表面に堆積して、熱の吸収量が増え、氷の融解が促進されるという仕組みだったと結論付けている。

Past volcanic eruptions triggered abrupt melting events on ancient ice sheets, according to an article published in Nature Communications this week. The findings imply the deposition of ash on ice surfaces could result in an increase in the contribution of ice sheet melt water to global sea level rise.

Although volcanic eruptions and the emission of ash into the atmosphere generally has a cooling effect on climate, little is known about the impact of volcanic activity on past ice sheets. Understanding the response of ice sheets to such forcing is important to fully comprehend the potential contribution of ice sheet melt to rising sea levels.

Francesco Muschitiello and colleagues shed light on this problem through the precise comparison of annually resolved Swedish lake sediments and Greenland ice from 13,000 years ago, during the last deglaciation period. The sediments record melt events on the Fennoscandian Ice Sheet that correspond strikingly with evidence for past explosive and sulfur-rich volcanic activity recorded in the ice between 13,000-12,000 years ago. Icelandic volcanic activity during the last deglaciation was 50 times greater than today. The authors conclude that this volcanic activity was likely responsible for these melting events through the deposition of dark ash on the bright ice surface, which absorbed more heat and encouraged the ice to melt.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-01273-1

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