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Sustainability: Are poverty eradication and climate change mitigation compatible?



今回、Klaus Hubacekたちの研究グループは、貧困の撲滅が達成されることで気候目標の達成にどのような影響が生じる可能性があるのかを調べた。この研究では、極度の貧困(人間の基本的ニーズが充足されず、1日当たりの収入がPPP1.90米ドル未満の状態)を撲滅することで、気候目標の達成は脅かされないことが明らかになった。その一方で、貧困層の所得レベルを次の段階(先進工業国の基準では「かなりささやかな生活」である1日当たりの収入がPPP2.97米ドル以上)に引き上げようとすると、気候変動緩和活動を27%強化する必要があるとする考えが示されている。しかし、現在の技術で炭素排出量の増加に対処することはできない。Hubacekたちは、収入が最も多い層の人々が炭素排出量に対する責任の割合が最も大きく、これ以上の技術革新が起こらないと仮定した上で、今後の気候変動をめぐる議論では低炭素社会と持続可能な世界に移行するための生活様式と行動の変化に取り組むべきだと結論付けている。

Efforts to eradicate extreme poverty will not jeopardize attempts to meet climate targets, suggests a study in Nature Communications. However, moving the poor to the next income level - fairly modest living - is predicted to require additional climate mitigation efforts to keep warming below 2 degrees Celsius.

Ending extreme poverty - a condition characterized by deprivation of basic human needs (access to food, water, health care and energy) - by 2030 is the first of the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. However, ensuring these resources are available to all is expected to increase carbon emissions and compromise the Paris Agreement climate targets (reducing global warming to at least 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels).

Klaus Hubacek and colleagues investigate potential consequences of achieving poverty eradication for climate targets. They find that eradicating extreme poverty, defined as those without access to basic human needs and with an income of less than US $1.90 per day, does not threaten the climate target. However, to bring the poor to the next income level, i.e. US $2.97 per day, which is still fairly modest for industrialized standards, would require ramping-up climate mitigation efforts by 27%. Current technologies are not able to keep up with additional emissions. The authors conclude that, given that the highest income earners are responsible for the largest proportion of carbon emissions and assuming no future technological change, the climate change discourse should address lifestyle and behavioural changes to become a low carbon society and sustainable world.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00919-4

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