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Climate sciences: Volcanic eruptions and the fall of ancient Egypt



今回、Francis Ludlowたちの研究グループは、火山-気候の数値モデリング、氷床コア記録に基づく火山の噴火時期のカタログ、社会経済的行動に関する古代エジプトの文献、イスラム時代のナイロメーターの測定記録(古い時代のナイル川の水位の記録)を併用して、ナイル川の洪水能力に対する火山噴火の影響可能性を調べた。その結果、ナイル川流域の降水帯が弱まって、ナイル川の洪水が系統的に抑止された時期が、火山が噴火した時期と一致していたことが判明し、これまで説明できていなかった複数の社会暴動の事例について、噴火現象との関連が統計的に示された。さらにLudlowたちは、歴史上の重大事件について記述された古代の文献と氷床コア記録を比較することによって、プトレマイオス朝の終局的崩壊とローマの属州としてのエジプトの誕生において火山の噴火が中心的役割を担っていた可能性のあることを明らかにした。


Societal revolt in ancient Egypt may have been triggered by volcanic eruptions, climate change, and the suppression of Nile summer flooding according to an article published in Nature Communications this week. The findings provide a demonstration of the interplay between volcanism, climate and society.

The prosperity of Ptolemaic Egypt (305-30 BCE), home to the great city of Alexandria, was directly tied to the river Nile. Driven primarily by monsoon rainfall in the Ethiopian highlands, the Nile’s annual summer flooding was essential to support the region’s agriculture. Detailed writings from the time indicate a correlation between the absence of Nile flooding and societal unrest. However, the primary cause of flood failure remains unclear.

Francis Ludlow and colleagues investigate the possible impact of volcanic eruptions on the Nile’s ability to flood by combining volcano-climate numerical modelling, ice-core catalogued eruption timings, ancient Egyptian documentation of socio-economic behaviour, and recordings from the Islamic Nilometer - an ancient history of Nile water levels. The authors show that weakening of the region’s rain belt and systematic suppression of the Nile flood are consistent with volcanic eruptions and that previously unexplained episodes of societal revolt are statistically linked to these eruptive events. Through further comparisons of the ice-core record with ancient texts documenting key historical events, the authors show that volcanic eruptions may have had a central role in the eventual collapse of the Ptolemaic dynasty and emergence of Ptolemaic Egypt as a Roman Provence.

The vulnerability of Ptolemaic Egypt to volcanic eruptions revealed in this study offers a caution for all monsoon-dependent agricultural regions, presently including 70% of world population.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00957-y

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