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Ecology: 'Nemo' may be harder to find in warming seas



グレートバリアリーフでは2016年に夏季の異常高温とエルニーニョ現象の予報があった。その機会を利用したのがSuzanne Mills、Ricardo Beldadeたちの研究グループで、クマノミの巣であるイソギンチャクの白化の前中後にクマノミのストレスと生殖を測定した。今回の研究では、高温に耐え白化を免れたイソギンチャクを巣としていた幸運なクマノミのつがいが特定され、自然対照群とされた。この測定の結果、白化したイソギンチャクを巣としたクマノミは、白化していないイソギンチャクを巣としたクマノミと比べて、白化開始後にストレスホルモン濃度が上昇し、生殖ホルモン濃度が低下したことが明らかになった。また、白化したイソギンチャクを巣としていたクマノミのつがいは、産卵の頻度が低く、生存可能な稚魚の生産量も少なかったため、白化の影響が複数世代に及ぶ可能性が明確になった。


The anemonefish, now often known as ‘Nemo’, exhibits higher stress and lower reproductive output when its home anemone becomes bleached in warming oceans, finds a study published in Nature Communications this week.

Bleaching occurs when hot water or other stressors cause certain marine animals to lose their green-pigmented symbionts (zooxanthellae), without which they cannot survive. Bleaching is now a well-known phenomenon in corals, but sea anemones can also bleach during heat waves.

When an anomalously warm summer season and El Nino event were forecast for the Great Barrier Reef in 2016, Suzanne Mills, Ricardo Beldade and colleagues capitalized on the opportunity to measure anemonefish stress and reproduction before, during, and after their host anemone underwent bleaching. The authors also identified anemonefish couples that fortuitously resided in anemones that endured the heat without bleaching, providing a natural control group. The results show that fish from bleached anemones exhibit higher stress hormone levels and lower reproductive hormone levels after the onset of bleaching and in comparison to fish from unbleached anemones. Anemonefish couples from bleached anemones spawned less frequently and produced fewer viable young, highlighting the potential for multi-generation effects.

This study underscores the numerous cascading effects of warming oceans on the residents of coral reefs.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00565-w

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