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Energy: Renewable energy from evaporating water



今回、Ozgur Sahinたちの研究グループは、水面上で水の蒸発からエネルギーを回収する蒸発駆動エンジンが水面からの水の蒸発速度にどのような影響を及ぼすのかを説明し、こうしたエネルギー回収装置の自然環境での性能を最適化する方法を予測するためのモデルを作成した。そしてSahinたちは、米国内に現存する面積0.1 km2以上の湖沼と貯水池(五大湖を除く)からの水蒸発によって最大325ギガワットの電力を利用できる可能性があり、これが米国の年間発電量(2015年)の69%以上に相当するという推定結果を明らかにした。また、今回の研究結果は、水の蒸発によって得られる電力が、風力と太陽光による電力に匹敵する一方で、気象条件の変化による悪影響はさほど大きく受けないことを示している。さらに、水蒸発技術は、蒸発による水の損失をほぼ半分に減らすことができ、特に水ストレスと水不足の時期を経験する地域では、こうしたエネルギー回収装置の方が有利かもしれない。


Natural water evaporation represents a promising alternative source of renewable energy, reports a paper published online this week in Nature Communications. An evaluation of the amount of energy that can be harvested from this natural process reveals that natural water evaporation could provide power densities three times that of the wind power.

Nearly half of the solar energy absorbed at the Earth’s surface drives evaporation, which affects ecosystems, water resources, weather, and climate. Recent studies demonstrate the ability to convert evaporation energy into work, yet there is little understanding on the availability, reliability and potential of this resource.

Ozgur Sahin and colleagues develop a model to describe how an evaporation-driven engine affects the evaporation rate and provide predictions on how these energy harvesters could optimally perform in the natural environment. They estimate up to 325 gigawatts of power is potentially available from evaporation from existing lakes and reservoirs larger than 0.1 km2 (excluding the Great Lakes) in the United States, which is over 69% of the US electrical energy generation rate in 2015. The findings indicate the power available from this natural resource is comparable to wind and solar power, yet it does not suffer as much from varying weather conditions. Finally, the technology can cut the evaporative water losses by nearly half, which might favour the implementation of these energy harvesting systems in regions suffer from periods of water stress and scarcity.

These findings may motivate the improvement of materials and devices that convert energy from evaporation and provide a way to address the intermittency problem of renewable energy.

doi: 10.1038/s41467-017-00581-w

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