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Climate sciences: Extreme April heat in Southeast Asia


東南アジア大陸部では、1年中で最も気温が高いのが4月だが、この地域の4月の平均気温が上昇傾向にあり、20世紀中盤以降に気温が摂氏約1度上昇した。そして2016年4月には観測史上最高の気温を記録し、エネルギー消費量に悪影響を及ぼし、作物生産を混乱させ、人々は極度に不快な思いをした。今回、Kaustubh Thirumalaiたちの研究グループは、観測結果とモデルシミュレーションを用いて、エルニーニョ年が数年間続くとその後に東南アジア大陸部で4月の異常高温が必ず起こることを明らかにした。また、Thirumalaiたちは、2016年の異常高温に対する強いエルニーニョ現象の寄与率が約50%だが、異常高温の原因の30%が地球温暖化であったことも明らかにした。以上の結果は、地球温暖化によって東南アジア大陸部の4月の異常高温の発生頻度が高くなったことを示している。


April temperatures in mainland Southeast Asia reach record-breaking highs following El Nino years, reports a study published in Nature Communications this week. The research also suggests that global warming has increased the frequency of such extremes.

April is the warmest month of the year in mainland Southeast Asia and average April temperatures in this region are showing an increasing trend, warming by around 1 degree C since the mid-20th century. In April 2016, temperatures broke all previous records and exacerbated energy consumption, disrupted crop production and caused severe human discomfort. Kaustubh Thirumalai and colleagues use observations and model simulations to find that extreme April temperatures in mainland Southeast Asia always occur after El Nino years. They show that a strong El Nino contributed to nearly 50% of the 2016 temperature anomaly; however, 30% of this temperature increase was due to global warming. These results indicate that global warming has exacerbated the likelihood of high temperatures in April in this region.

Record-breaking April temperatures in mainland Southeast Asia can be expected to occur more frequently with continued global warming, the authors suggest. Since these extreme-heat Aprils almost always occur after El Nino events, they could potentially be predicted a few months in advance to inform adaptation efforts in this vulnerable region.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms15531

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