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Genetics: Unravelling ancient Egyptian mummy genomes



この論文の中で、Johannes Krauseたちの研究グループは、エジプト中部のアブシール・エル・メレク遺跡から出土した3体のミイラ(それぞれプトレミー時代以前、プトレミー時代、ローマ時代のものとされる)に由来するゲノムワイドのデータセットだけでなく、ミトコンドリアゲノム(90件)を新たに調べた結果を示している。そこで分かったのは、古代エジプト人と近東人(西アジアと中東に居住する人々)との遺伝的類似性が高いということで、現代のエジプト人に見られるサハラ以南の人々の遺伝的要素は、最近加わったものであることも明らかになった。ただし、この遺伝的データがエジプト中部の単一の遺跡から得られたものであり、古代エジプト全体を代表していない可能性のあることをKrauseたちは指摘している。


The genetic composition of ancient Egyptian populations is revealed in an analysis of ancient mummy DNA published online in Nature Communications. The samples span a period of around 1,300 years and suggest that ancient Egyptians shared more ancestry with Near Easterners than modern Egyptians.

As the crossroad of continents in the ancient Mediterranean world, Egypt experienced long lasting interactions with other important African, Asian and European cultures from the first millennium BCE onwards. Although extensive archaeological examination has revealed the historical record of human migration and movement in this region, genetic studies using ancient DNA of deceased persons have been difficult because of the poor preservation of ancient remains.

Johannes Krause and colleagues present new results from the examination of 90 ancient Egyptian mitochondrial genomes as well as genome-wide datasets from three individuals obtained from Pre-Ptolemaic, Ptolemaic, and Roman mummies of Abusir el-Meleq, Middle Egypt. The researchers find ancient Egyptians were genetically more similar to Near Easterners (populations that span Western Asia and the Middle East), and show that the Sub-Saharan genetic components seen in modern Egyptians was a recent addition. However, they note that the genetic data were obtained from a single site in Middle Egypt and may not be representative for all of ancient Egypt.

Although this is not the first analysis of ancient Egyptian mummy DNA, the authors propose that their results are the first reliable dataset, owing to their use of modern sequencing techniques and authenticity tests to ensure the ancient origin of the obtained data. These discoveries pave the way towards a direct understanding of the complex population history of Egypt.

doi: 10.1038/ncomms15694

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